Do you have a fundamentally good kitchen that just needs a little facelift? Curve Point can give life back to your kitchen, as well as your bathrooms or wall units, with a solid color or surface stain

Using only the best Aqua and Pre-Cat Lacquers from Decorative Specialties, Curve Point can finish your unfinished furniture or cabinetry.

To ensure your maximum comfort, we block off the room with a temporary plastic wall and ventilate to keep the odor and over spray out. Aqua lacquers have the added advantage of having less odor than traditional latex paints.

Depending on the job size, we can be in and out within a couple days, and all work cures and is ready to use within 24 hours. We can also take items to our shop, which takes slightly longer (usually a one or two week turn time) but also reduces inconvenience to you.

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